Friday, December 20, 2013

The twins 40th Birthday canoe trip...

What a fantastic little adventure we had for Nita & Marnis 40th Birthday.
This was Nitas vision to have a camping trip away with just the girls, 
and she pulled it off to perfection.  It was so lovely 
just hanging with the ladies,
no interruptions from kids, no duties, just plain sailing (so to speak!)
We canoed across Lake Cootharaba and into the noosa river tributaries
to a little camp site called fig tree point.  The scenery was spectacular..


Finding love (of course!)

This Jetty was a perfect little place to sit with our wines in the afternoon
and watch the sun go down

there are more pics to come, but for I now I would just like to
 say that I felt very priveledged to be in the company of such
 lovely, strong and inspirational
women who i am proud to call friends.
Happy 40th to my life long besties.  
Here's to many more adventures in the next 40 years xo
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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Year 6 Graduation

Congratulations Summer on Graduating year 6.  We are very proud of you 
and all your achievements in Primary School.  I cannot believe that you
are starting High School next year!.  Where does the time go..


I love this shot because it is just so you! Green hair from swimming and
sunburnt cause you never wear a hat!  You are a true water baby..


Thankyou Miss O'Meara for being a truly wonderful and inspirational teacher.
You have guided two of my children through Primary School now and they are   blessed to have know you.

School Captains 2013 Summer Clarke & Liam Allen-Johnston

An amazing Italian meal was served up in the undercover area which came up a treat with the fairy lights and lanterns. The end of an era for our
Summer Belle x
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

The faces of Finnegan....

This is kid is an absolute cracker!  Check out the faces!
I asked me your happy face...

Show me your sad face...

Show me your excited face...

Show me your angry face...

Show me your thinking face...

Show me your I love mum face...

Show me your I don't understand face...

Show me your I'm getting an ipad for christmas face...

Show me your I'm not getting an ipad for christmas face..

Show me your Logan is stinky face...

Show me your I love my family face..

You really are getting an ipad for christmas...

Kidding!! haha. Love ya Finny, you are so much fun xo
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Dear Matilda...

Dear Matilda, it was so lovely hanging out with you in a field
of beautiful yellow flowers.  You could see the beauty in it
as much as I could, and you just sat and posed, and happily
had your picture taken.  You are quite the little model. 
I had to laugh when you viewed some of the pics on the
camera screen, and said 'oh I look beautiful in that one'!
And yes, you do look beautiful.  Thankyou for letting
me take your picture. 

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